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Individual goals.

Every stakeholder in the beef production chain can benefit from the inside information provided by the comprehensive Igenity profiles.

Here are a few examples of how each phase of production can use Igenity profiling.

Naturally, there are many applications, and more will be created as new analyses are added to the growing range of Igenity profiles.

Breeding Stock
  1. Differentiated breeding stock
  2. Improve breed shortcomings
  3. Enhance breed strengths
  4. Select for antagonistic traits
  5. Uncover new marketing opportunities
  • Carcass traits
  • Myostatin
  • Horned/polled
  • Coat color
  • Feed Efficiency
Commercial suckler
  1. Confirm superior genetic potential in bulls
  2. Differentiate calves at market or select for retained ownership
  3. Validate management practices
  4. Efficiently raise heavy calves
  5. Improve carcass traits
  6. Track sire performance
  7. Choose replacements
  • Carcass traits
  • BVD-PI status
  • Feed Efficiency
  1. Confident purchasing decisions
  2. Optimize end dates
  3. Use effective sorting/management tools
  4. Better sort for grid requirements
  5. Consistent cattle
  6. Manage antagonistic traits
  • Retail Meat Yield
  • Tenderness potential
  • Carcass traits
  • BVD-PI status
  • Feed Efficiency
  1. Confident in purchase
  2. Meet branded program guidelines
  3. Sorting cattle based on individual traits prior to slaughter
  4. Minimize waste and inefficiencies
  • Tenderness potential
  • Carcass traits

Nothing communicates value throughout the production chain like Igenity.

For further information about the Igenity Profiling service please call 0845 603 8895 or alternatively email igenity@neogeneurope.com.

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