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Igenity® for beef

Igenity® Software — Helping turn inside information into actionable knowledge

Igenity® software is now available to aid cattle producers in managing and applying inside information from the comprehensive Igenity profile. This customizable information management software provides producers an additional tool to better utilize data gained on cattle — helping them easily make more confident decisions. Click here for a complete explanation of how to use the Igenity software programs.

Custom Sort Software

Custom Sort Software

The custom sort software is designed to help producers sort and rank their animals based on the traits that are most important to them.

First, producers can apply a filter for traits, such as coat color or bovine viral diarrhea persistent infection (BVD-PI) status. Then, weights, or percentages of importance, can be applied to the traits the producer deems the most important. The custom sort software ranks the cattle based on all of the criteria entered. The result is a customized, overall index score on the familiar 1 to 10 scale from Igenity that can be saved for future use, or exported to a spreadsheet or other on-farm management programs.

Benchmark Software

Benchmark Software

The benchmark software is designed to help producers determine where their herd's genetics compare with others within their respective breed or the nearly half million cattle in the Igenity database. Producers can identify their herd's average score for each trait or see how the distribution of their herd's scores stack up with the rest of the population.

Expert Consultation

The Igenity software is in addition to expert advisers from Igenity who can help producers understand how to put this powerful information to work. Igenity understands that this is advanced technology. This is why a team of advisers and this management software are available only from Igenity to help producers develop a customized approach to applying the inside information from the Igenity profile in a way that is easy to use and that best fits their individual needs.

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