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Igenity® for beef

Igenity® — Carcass Composition

The Igenity Profile includes information on Tenderness, Marbling, Retail Meat Yield, Average Daily Gain, Back Fat Thickness, and Ribeye Area.
This analysis associates the genotype result with the magnitude, or size, of the trait identified. In general, animals with low scores for fat thickness and red meat yield will have high scores for carcass weight and ribeye area.

Marbling score
Higher scores from Igenity for marbling equal greater genetic potential for marbling. In a group of animals with a score from Igenity of 10 for marbling, the average marbling score can be expected to be 161.4 points greater than animals with a score of 1. The beef grading system for marbling uses a 100 to 999 point scale. Marbling points reflect how much intramuscular fat is present in each carcass. Each marbling score has 100 units. Therefore the 161.4 unit range between 1 to 10 scores from Igenity equals almost one full marbling score.

Retail meat yield
Higher scores from Igenity equate to a genetic potential for a higher retail meat yield. Since higher yield values are a result of less fat and/or more muscle, animals with higher scores are expected to be less fat and/or more muscled. A group of animals with a score from Igenity of 10 for retail meat yield can be expected to give 5.3% more red meat yield than animals that receive a score of 1 from Igenity.

Fat thickness
Lower scores from Igenity indicate less external fat, while higher scores reflect more external fat. In a group of animals with a score from Igenity of 10 for fat thickness, the average fat thickness is expected to be 9.4mm greater than in a group of animals that have a score of 1.

Ribeye area
Higher scores from the Igenity profile reflect larger ribeye areas and lower scores reflect smaller ribeye areas. In a group of animals with a score from Igenity of 10 for ribeye area, the average ribeye is expected to be 16.51 square centimetres larger than in a group of animals with a score of 1.

Score from Igenity Tenderness in kg of WBSF Marbling Score (100-999) Retail Meat Yield % Back Fat Thickness Ribeye Area (Square cm)
10 -1.03 161.41 5.30 9.40 16.51
9 -0.88 143.67 7.76 7.97 14.94
8 -0.84 125.88 4.20 7.10 13.09
7 -0.70 108.11 3.59 6.13 11.34
5 -0.51 72.99 2.41 4.19 7.82
4 -0.36 55.04 1.81 3.20 5.96
3 -0.19 37.82 1.23 2.20 4.05
2 -0.10 20.12 0.58 1.22 2.22
1 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

*Data available on request. Results expressed represent differences expected in animals compared with Igenity Profile scores of 1.

For further information about the Igenity Profiling service please call 0845 603 8895 or alternatively email igenity@neogeneurope.com.

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