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Igenity® for beef

Igenity® — Coat Colour

Coat colour
The Igenity profile identifies the genotype combination that determines coat colour. The black (ED) gene is dominant over red (e). Black animals may carry one copy of the black gene (called heterozygous) or two copies of the black gene (homozygous). Only homozygous black animals will have 100% black offspring. Wild Type (E+) is neutral to red and black, and generally allows the expression of the other gene.

  • ED/ED Homozygous Black
  • ED/E+ Black Carrier, Wild Type
  • ED/e Red Carrier
  • E+/e Red Carrier, Wild Type
  • e/e Real Red
  • E/+E+ Wild Type, Any Colour

For further information about the Igenity Profiling service please call 0845 603 8895 or alternatively email igenity@neogeneurope.com.

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