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Igenity® for beef

Igenity® — Parentage Verifcation

Igenity® is now recognised by the BCMS for parentage verification. For further information visit the BCMS site at www.bcms.gov.uk.

Igenity Parentage Verification is a highly accurate and cost-effective parentage identification tool. It is used to validate parentage or match sires from A.I., single-sire, or multi-sire mating situations.

Practical applications to benefit producers:

  • Identification of calves born in the same pen
  • Differentiating AI heifers from clean-up bulls
  • Correcting records
  • Identification of animals which have lost ear tags
  • Meeting BCMS requirements

For further information about the Igenity Profiling service please call 0845 603 8895 or alternatively email igenity@neogeneurope.com.

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