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Igenity® Parentage Verification

Igenity® — Parentage Verification

Igenity Parent Verification is a highly accurate and cost-effective parentage identification tool. It is used to validate parentage or match sires from A.I., single-sire or multisire mating situations.

Practical applications to benefit producers:

  • Correcting records
  • Identification of animals which have lost ear tags
  • Identification of calves born in the same pen
  • Differentiating AI heifers from clean-up bulls

Igenity® is now recognised by the BCMS for parentage verification. For further information visit the BCMS site at www.bcms.gov.uk.

For further information about the Igenity Profiling service please call 0845 603 8895 or alternatively email igenity@neogeneurope.com.

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