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Igenity® Profile Expands to Include Analyses for Fertility, Docility and More
Comprehensive profile includes more traits significant to cow/calf producers

DULUTH, Ga. — February 5, 2008 — Merial announces the expansion of the Igenity profile with the addition of analyses for heifer pregnancy rate, stayability (longevity), calving ease, and docility.

"This expansion of the comprehensive Igenity profile is something cow/calf producers have been waiting for," says Dr. Stewart Bauck, Executive Director of Strategic Marketing, Igenity. "Traits like fertility, stayability and docility are important to their success, and until now, they were difficult to measure."

With these new analyses, and those already part of the Igenity profile, Dr. Bauck says producers can be more confident than ever before in their seedstock selection decisions.

"Since the Igenity profile is comprehensive, producers can use it alongside traditional selection tools to better evaluate heifers and bulls at a young age for a long list of economically important traits," he explains. "The power of DNA can help producers have more confidence that they are introducing cattle that will help improve the overall genetic composition of their herd and help avoid mistakes."

In addition to heifer pregnancy rate, stayability, calving ease, and docility, the Igenity profile includes multiple-marker analyses for tenderness, marbling, quality grade, fat thickness, ribeye area, hot carcass weight, yield grade and coat color.

Current customers of Igenity will have the first preview of this profile expansion.

"All customers who have recently submitted samples will receive, free of charge, updated profiles for each animal profiled during that period," Dr. Bauck says. "Those updates will be distributed automatically, and all new samples received will be analyzed for all traits in the newly updated comprehensive Igenity profile."

Dr. Bauck says the addition of heifer pregnancy rate, stayability, calving ease, weaning weight and docility to the Igenity profile makes this technology more useful and cost-effective than ever before.

"With the new analyses available from the Igenity profile, cow/calf producers can learn inside information to help manage these variables and increase their bottom lines," he says. "The comprehensive Igenity profile now includes analyses that can help the entire beef production chain be more efficient and produce a more consistent end product for consumers."

In addition to genetic analyses, Igenity offers options to perform a diagnostic test for identifying cattle persistently infected with the bovine viral diarrhea (BVD-PI) virus and identify parentage in multiple-sire settings, all from a single tissue sample. Producers also can conduct a Commercial Ranch Genetic Evaluation and determine breed-specific horned/polled status. For more information on the comprehensive Igenity profile, visit www.Igenity.com or call 1-877-Igenity.

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