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Igenity® Now Offers a Combination RFID Tag, Tissue Collection Device

Merial announces the introduction of a combination radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and tissue collection device for use with the Igenity® profile in the United States. Producers can now collect a tissue sample needed for the comprehensive Igenity profile and apply an RFID tag in one simple and efficient step.

"As the leader in DNA technology, Igenity is committed to making the power of DNA more convenient and profitable for producers," says Dr. Stewart Bauck, Executive Director of Strategic Marketing, Igenity. "The new RFID tag with the Igenity tissue collection device creates efficiencies and opens up new management and profit opportunities for our customers." RFID tags are becoming an increasingly essential, and in some states a mandatory, tool for cattle producers. They are instrumental for participation in source and age verification programs, export markets and more.

"The RFID tags available from Igenity are eligible for use with many U.S. government and source and age-verification programs," Dr. Bauck says. "Therefore, they can be used to add value to calves and qualify them for premiums that, according to Cattle-Fax, can bring an average premium of $22 per head.1"

He adds that combining RFID technology with the most comprehensive DNA profile available is a common-sense move.

"The new RFID tags provide our customers with a convenient, streamlined way to gather inside information and easily pass it — in addition to source and age verification, vaccination history and other valuable data — on to buyers," Dr. Bauck says.

The RFID tag from Igenity can be read with any standard RFID reader. Producers can use the tag to attach a valuable data set, including the comprehensive Igenity profile, to a specific animal. The Igenity profile provides multiple-marker analyses of economically important traits, such as tenderness, marbling, quality grade, yield grade, hot carcass weight, fat thickness, ribeye area, heifer pregnancy rate, stayability (longevity), calving ease, docility, coat color, breed-specific horned/polled, multisire parentage and an optional diagnostic test for persistent infections (PI) of the bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus &madash; all from a single tissue sample.

"With Igenity, producers can get inside information about more than a dozen traits — all in one easy-to-use report," Dr. Bauck says. "Producers also can take advantage of the optional diagnostic BVD-PI test and parentage option for even greater value and convenience."

Information from the Igenity profile can be used to help make more confident selection, management and marketing decisions about cattle at every stage of production. Producers can use it to help sort feeder calves or to choose the best replacement heifers. They also can use the information as a marketing tool, providing valuable inside information to buyers.

Dr. Bauck says this addition is one more reason producers should use a comprehensive profile from a company that is working to make their business more efficient.

"Producing a consistent, quality and traceable product is becoming more and more important in the global beef market," Dr. Bauck says. "By combining two technologies that are key to attaining these goals, we are making it easier for our customers to stay competitive and profitable in a rapidly changing marketplace."

Standard Igenity tissue collection devices are still available. For more information, contact your Igenity Sales Representative, call 1-877-Igenity or visit www.Igenity.com.

1Cattle-Fax update. May 16, 2008. Issue 20.

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